As we continue on our journey towards customer excellence, we are honored to have been recognized for delivering cutting-edge and innovative solutions to our clients.

Awards & Accolades

  1. HPE Aruba Partner of the year FY 17-18
  2. Best Partner - Enterprise Business from Aruba for FY 17-18
  3. Best Enterprise Partner Awards By Sophos In 2017 - 18
  4. Best Partner Contracts Business - Awards By HPE POINT NEXT In FY-17
  5. Top Partner Of The Year for India Awards By Aruba In FY-17
  6. Achieving The GOLD Tier Sales Revenue Awards By Fujitsu In 2016-17
  7. Best Service Delivery Partner Awards By HP Enterprise In FY-16
  8. Top Partner in India Of The Year for Wired Awards By Aruba In FY-16
  9. FujiTsu GOLD status Partner Awards By Fujitsu In 2016 & 2015
  10. Emerging Partner Awards By Fortinet In Q2 2014
  11. Significant Contributor Awards By HP In FY-14 & FY-13
  12. HP Networking Value Channel Partner Awards By HP In FY-13
  13. Redhat Ready Business Partner Awards By Redhat In Fiscal Year 2011
  14. HP Storage Champion Awards By HP In 2011
  15. RedHat Ready Business Partner Awards By Redhat In 2008-09
  16. HP Intel Sales Grand Prix - Outsatanding Sales Awards By HP In 2008
  17. Best Service Partner Awards By Compaq In 2000